January 31, 2007

A $400 gaming OS

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Why Is Low End Mac Advocating Cheap Windows PCs?

This article does a good job at explaining when Windows might be a better fit than a Mac for some audiences, and where Windows has come a long way from the days of Windows 95 or (worse) Windows 3.1.

I do get a kick out of this passage near the end:

We also need to understand that you can’t just sit down a Windows user in front of the “superior” and “more intuitive” Mac OS and have them be productive. There is a learning curve, there are real differences, and there are areas where Windows is superior.

Yes, it hurts to say that, but it’s true. And truth be told, it’s not Windows itself that’s superior, but software written for Windows. Messaging software for Windows, such as Yahoo Messenger, tends to have features missing in Mac versions, such as voice chat. And Yahoo Mail on Windows with Internet Explorer is a much better email platform than it is on the Mac or on Windows with Firefox or Opera.

But overall, Apple builds the superior operating system and gives away an incredible bundle of free apps with every new Mac. We lose out to Windows on high-end gaming, Yahoo Mail, and messaging software.

I am reminded of an Email signature I saw a few times back in the late 90s:

Mac for productivity, Linux for programming, Palm for mobility, Windows for Solitaire

As if to drive this point home, here’s an Arsian commenting on Windows Vista:

One bright note is the games, they’re suprisingly fun and a departure from Microsoft’s typical bundled games. For Ultimate users, Hold ‘Em Poker is a good time. But the chess AI is almost embarassing to watch.


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