January 18, 2007

Fake food and real chocolate

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Will the Petri dish put Daisy out to grass? – Britain – Times Online

This is intriguing: truly cruelty-free meat.

In 2002 scientists at Touro College in the US removed some muscle from the abdomen of an anaesthetised goldfish and placed it in a saline solution enriched with foetal calf serum. The muscle reportedly grew by 15 per cent in a few weeks. It was then coated in breadcrumbs and lightly sautéed in olive oil: scientists said that the resulting dish “smelled good”. However, they did not eat it.

Certainly an improvement over some of the factory farming methods I’ve heard about. There is some question about whether people would eat lab-grown meat instead of meat from what once was a real live hog/cow/frog/whatever. My solution? Stuff it in to a sausage. It can’t be any worse than anything they already put in a hot dog, or for that matter what’s on the outside of most sausages.

Of course, why wait for artificial food when you can have this today:


That’s all vegan, BTW.


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