December 14, 2006

An old friend returns

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Ars Technica: Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Ars reviews the Left Behind game and, to everyone’s shock, likes it! Granted, there are a few back-handed compliments (“a relatively harmless and well-done piece of propaganda”) but they say it’s a fun enough game and at the very least better than the books.

You never know, it could actually spur someone to do some good deeds for once. At the very least it could help shut up the losers who say video games are a bad influence. Hey, I did nothing but play video games in my youth, and all that happened to me was that I developed a drastically shortened attention span.

One thing that did catch my eye was this bit from the game:

Hmm…”cosmic, chemical, stellar, and planetary evolution”. Where have I heard that before?

Analysis of Kent Hovind: Six Definitions of Evolution?

Holy crap! It’s our old friend Kent “New Fish” Hovind! Apparently his powers of re-definition and outright creation of scientific terms and dismissal of much of cosmology, astronomy, physics and geology has saved the day once again!

Seriously, it’s like Hovind is the one-stop shop for evangelical anti-evolution arguments these days. It does make planning one’s responses to this sort of stuff easier, though.

UPDATE: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ever-popular “blame the media” tidbit in the first paragraph, which unfortunately I didn’t notice until after I hit the post button.


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