January 21, 2007

The George Halas trophy comes home

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NFC Championship Game: Bears 39, Saints 14

Headed to Miami through some awesome Bears D. Bear down!


January 20, 2007

10 years in the clink

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10 years for ‘Dr. Dino’
| Local News |

Looks like our bestest friend is going away for a while. Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly repentant:

Prior to his sentencing, a tearful Kent Hovind, also known as “Dr. Dino” asked for the court’s leniency.

“If it’s just money the IRS wants, there are thousands of people out there who will help pay the money they want so I can go back out there and preach,” Hovind said.

“I’ve got somebody else who can pay for my actions. Can I go now?”

January 18, 2007

Fake food and real chocolate

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Will the Petri dish put Daisy out to grass? – Britain – Times Online

This is intriguing: truly cruelty-free meat.

In 2002 scientists at Touro College in the US removed some muscle from the abdomen of an anaesthetised goldfish and placed it in a saline solution enriched with foetal calf serum. The muscle reportedly grew by 15 per cent in a few weeks. It was then coated in breadcrumbs and lightly sautéed in olive oil: scientists said that the resulting dish “smelled good”. However, they did not eat it.

Certainly an improvement over some of the factory farming methods I’ve heard about. There is some question about whether people would eat lab-grown meat instead of meat from what once was a real live hog/cow/frog/whatever. My solution? Stuff it in to a sausage. It can’t be any worse than anything they already put in a hot dog, or for that matter what’s on the outside of most sausages.

Of course, why wait for artificial food when you can have this today:


That’s all vegan, BTW.

January 16, 2007

It’s about time!

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St. Louis gets 2009 All-Star game – MLB – Yahoo! Sports

By 2009 it will have been 43 years since the last All-Star game in St Louis. Granted, Busch II wasn’t the greatest stadium, and recently the ASG has been held in stadiums constructed during the latest building boom, but still

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig made the announcement Monday night at the 49th annual dinner hosted by the St. Louis chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

“There can’t be a better baseball town in America,” Selig said.

The decision, which was expected, gives St. Louis its first baseball All-Star game since 1966. The old Busch Stadium hosted the Midsummer Classic that year.

January 15, 2007

We can’t be too careful

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Weather beat: Skilling exiles self for incorrect Bears game forecast –

There’s a lot of inherent risk to weather forecasting, as this article points out (WARNING: Satire).

Asked why he felt the need to sacrifice himself over a wrong prediction – a common occurrence among meteorologist – Skilling said, “Bad predictions are for the [WFLD’s rival 9 p.m. weatherman] Rick DiMaios of the world.”

sshfs for Darwin

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This certainly looks interesting: a utility based on the very cool FUSE doohickey to provide a universal disk and disk partition mounting utility which can mount remote drives through ssh. This would be really handy for doing some of my research remotely (read: at the coffee shop). That however would require the package to work: neither the kernel extension nor the binary utility install correctly, so I’m guessing that the package is currently Intel-only, and I don’t feel like going through and compiling the thing myself.

UPDATE: Well, duh. It says right on the web page that it’s Tiger only. I’ll probably have to turn to AFP’s package instead.

UPDATE #2: *&)*&. According to the MacFUSE homepage the system itself only works under 10.4. Looks like I’ll have to wait for Leopard since I never felt upgrading to Tiger is worth it.

January 14, 2007

Creative Anachronism

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This is Pete: Antique Weather Clock

Here’s an intriguing idea: mocking up an old-style clock and hooking it up to your computer to display the current weather conditions. I especially like the tornado warning icon. There is also a skull-and-crossbones icon, which might at first represent really bad weather or nuclear war, but which turns out to be “dead clock”.

(Via MAKE.)

Bear down!

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NFC 2007 Divisional Playoffs: Bears 27, Seahawks 24 (OT)

The Bears came out of whatever hole in the ground they’ve been hiding in for the past month and finally won a Divisional round game. I’m sure the rest of the Seattle is going to be celebrating with me this week 🙂 To their credit, the Hawks played a great game and Alexander was able to take the Bears’ D to the tune of 108 yards and Grossman was under a lot of pressure today, but Rex handled it admirably and showed us the face we saw in September and thankfully not the one we put up with last month.

New Orleans up next week. How many people outside of Chicago are going to be rooting against the Saints?

Another show coming up for Chicago: a big winter storm should be starting in the next few hours, although given the weather out here I won’t have quite so much reason to be jealous.

January 10, 2007

A message to (all three of) my readers

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OK, I’ve realized that about a thousand other bloggers do the political humor/satire thing, and most of them do it better than I can. Most of them also have the stomach to plumb the wonderous depths of Free Republic and Bleed Cubbie Blue, which is something I lack.

As such, I hope to turn to more tech and science-related articles in the weeks ahead. I hope to publish a few posts on some interesting (at least to me) articles in fluid dynamics and meteorology, as well as whatever else strikes my fancy.

OTOH, that may take more of my time than I have. We’ll see.

January 9, 2007

Funnier than me

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No More Mister Nice Blog: What are right-wing bloggers freaking out about now?

Granted, that’s not hard, but Steve M. certainly does a good job at it.

Anyway, the outrage of the week is that a Dallas pizza parlor is willing to take Mexican pesos as a form of payment. Horrible, I know.

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